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POT1415   10ft Extension Cord for Economy Line Lotus
DVR838   150W 12V DC CV LED Driver
DVR816   15W Indoor 12V DC CV LED Driver
RB2000   15W LED A19 Bulb
ACC272   2 Conductor 22 Gauge Wire (10 ft)
RB3000   22W A21 OMNI Bulb
RB3002   25W A21 OMNI Bulb
DVR829   264W 12V DC CV LED Driver
ACC271   3 Conductor 22 Gauge Wire (10 ft)
DVR818   30W Indoor 12V DC CV LED Driver
DVR824   30W IRM 12V DC CV LED Driver
DVR832   30W Outdoor 12V DC CV LED Driver
DVR830   350W 12V DC CV LED Driver
ACC270   4 Conductor 22 Gauge Wire (10 ft)
CTR532   4 Zone RF Remote Control
RB5070   4" LED Retrofit
RB1665   4" Smart RGBW Downlight
ACC268   5 Conductor 22 Gauge Wire (10 ft)
RB5060   5/6" LED Retrofit
FLX1000   5050 LED Flex High CRI
DVR820   50W Indoor 12V DC CV LED Driver
FXMotion   6 Inch Sensor LED Closet Light
CTR506   6 Zone CCT Controller
CTR546   6 Zone Mono Controller
CTR582   6 Zone RGB Controller
RB5080   6" LED Retrofit
RB1670   6" Smart RGBW Downlight
DVR834   60W 12V DC CV LED Driver
DVR826   60W IRM 12V DC CV LED Driver
DVR822   75W Indoor 12V DC CV LED Driver
DVR805   AC Cord Set for MOX Drivers
LMP1035   Aluminum Plates for Salt Water Lantern
PRO500   Aluminum Profile with Lens
REC1616   Ba15D-18 SMD LED Light Bulb
REC1614   Ba15S Elevator LED Bulb
REC1610   Ba15S-18 SMD LED Light Bulb
CON408   Barrel Connector
CON414   Barrel Flex Connector
ACC204   Battery Car Charger
FLX928   Bendable LED Flexible Strip Lights - 5M
CTR504   Bluetooth LED CCT Controller
CTR530   Bluetooth LED Dimmer
RB1400   BR20 LED Flood Light Bulb
RB1700   BR30 LED Flood
CTR508   CCT 6 Zone Remote Kit
CON401   CCT 90 degree L Type Connector
FLX902   CCT HB Indoor Flex Strip - 5M
FLX900   CCT Indoor Flex Strip - 5M
CTR512   CCT LED Zone Controller
LV1314   CCT LED Cabinet Puck
CON400   CCT Solderless Corner Connector
CON406   CCT Solderless Splice Connector
CON402   CCT Solderless Wire Lead
CTR520   CCT Wall Mount Touch Panel- White
LV1200   COB 1W Courtesy and Step Lights
FLX1800   COB LED Flex 24V
EXIT700   Combination Running Man Exit Sign
LV1204   Courtesy and Step Lights
LV1216   Courtesy Light Trim Rings
ACC210   Crimp Connectors
DVR810   Dimmable LED Driver 12V DC
DVR906   Dimmable LED Driver- 200W
DVR902   Dimmable LED Driver-100W
DVR800   Dimmable LED Driver-24W
DVR802   Dimmable LED Driver-45W
DVR804   Dimmable LED Driver-60W
DR600   Directional Dawn Ray Colour Select LED
TRM700   Downlight Housing
RB900   E11 Accent Bulb
RB1513   E12 LED Exit Lamps
ACC212   E12 to E26 Adapter
ACC202   E26 Bulb Extender
ACC216   E26 to GU10 Adapter
ACC200   E26/GU24 Adapter
RB1546-1   E27 LED Bulb, 7W, 12V DC - 3000K Warm White
ECON200   Easy Splice Connector
BLD1300   Economy Line Lotus LED Panel
EPT1000   EEL 3 inch UltraThin
EPT1200   EEL 6-inch Directional UltraThin
RB1130   G25 LED Filament Bulb
REC1638   G4 Base 9F Side Pin LED Bulb
REC1642   G4 COB LED Bulb
REC1630   G4-CB9F Back Pin LED Bulb
REC1664   G4-T10-9F Wedge Base LED Bulb
REC1634   G418 Omni Tower LED Bulb
RB1350   G9 120V AC 4W LED Bulb
ACC260   G9 to E26 Adapter
POT1400   Goof Ring
RB1900   GU10 COB LED-7W
RB6000   Halo 5/6" Surface Mounted Downlight
FLX952   Indoor RGB Flex Strip - 5/20M
ACC206   Inline On-Off Switch
CON428   L Type 10mm Corner Connector
CON438   L Type 10mm RGB Corner Connector
CON430   L Type 8mm Corner Connector
RB1600   LED A19 Bulb
CTR518   LED CCT Touch Controller
RB1546   LED E26-27 Bulb 12V DC, 7W
RB1550   LED E26-27 Bulb 12V DC, 9W
RB1651   LED Filament Candelabra
RB1650   LED Filament Candelabra E12 Base
FLX911   LED Flexible Strip Lights - 5M/20M
LV1236   LED Garden Light
DIM604   LED Inline Dimmer
PLKIT   LED Puck Kit with Driver - Cool White - Black
DIM613   LED RF Remote Dimmer
SHOP200   LED Shoplite-40W
TSK1932   LED Sign Modules
LV2000   LED Slim Cabinet Puck Light
LV1404   LED Step Light 2W, 100-240V AC
LV1420   LED Step Light Trim
LV1400   LED Step Light, 2.2W, 12V DC
POT6100   Lotus 2 inch Regressed Directional LED
POT6500   Lotus 2 inch Square Regressed Directional LED
POT6200   Lotus 3 inch Regressed Directional LED
POT6300   Lotus 4 inch Regressed Directional LED
POT1418   Lotus 4 inch Slim LED Pot Light
POT1450   Lotus 4 inch Super Thin Round LED Pot Lights
POT1300   Lotus 4 inch Super Thin Square Pot Light
POT7000   Lotus 4 inch Ultimate LED Pot Light
POT6400   Lotus 5/6 inch Regressed Directional LED
POT1430   Lotus 6 inch Slim LED Pot Light
POT1462   Lotus 6 inch Super Thin Round LED Pot Lights
POT1350   Lotus 6 inch Thin Square Pot Light
POT8000   Lotus 6 inch Ultimate LED Pot Light
POT1442   Lotus 8 inch LED Pot Lights
POT7001   Lotus Dim to Warm Ultimate LED
POT2500   Lotus Directional 2 inch LED Pot Lights
POT2000   Lotus Directional 3 inch LED Pot Lights
POT1502   Lotus Directional 4 inch LED Pot Lights
POT1414   Lotus Extension Cord-20 ft
POT1412   Lotus Extension Cord-6ft
POT3000   Lotus J-Box 4 inch LED Pot Lights
POT1482   Lotus Waterproof LED Pot Lights
DIM614   Manual Single Channel Dimmer
CTR537   MiLight 5 in 1 WiFi/RF Controller
CTR513   MiLight CCT 4 Zone RF Wall Panel
CTR535   MiLight Dimming 4 Zone RF Wall Panel
CTR534   MiLight Dimming Controller
CTR601   MiLight RGB(W) 4 Zone RF Wall Panel
CTR549   MiLight Single Zone Dimmer
DIM602   Mini LED Dimmer Controller
OL2040   Mini LED Wall Pack
CTR543   Mono 6 Zone Remote Kit
RB1632   Motion Sensor Bulb
CTR202   Motion Sensor Switch
CTR200   Motion Sensor Switch- 30A
CTR222   Motion Sensor- IR Button
RB1620   MR16 LED- 7W
ACC218   MR16 Socket
FLX980   Outdoor 5050 LED Flex
FLX860   Outdoor RGB LED Flex
RB1300   PAR16 LED Spotlight
RB1402   PAR20 LED Bulb
RB1750   PAR30 LED Spotlight
RB4000   PAR38 LED Spotlight
CTR584   Programmable RGB Controller
CTR580   Programmable RGB Remote
RB1320   R7S 6W LED Bulb
RB1330   R7S 8W LED Bulb
LMP1020   Rechargeable Night Light
FLXKIT   Rechargeable Wireless Motion Sensor Light Kit
ACC208   Remote Wall Mount
CTR595   RGB controller with Remote
CTR554   RGB IR Music Controller
LV1316   RGB LED Cabinet Puck Light
CTR594   RGB Mini Controller
CON436   RGB Splice Connector
CON432   RGB Strip to Strip Corner Connector
CTR561   RGB Touch Screen Controller
CTR596   RGB Wall Mount Touch Panel- White
CTR598   RGB Zone Controller
CTR602   RGB(W) 4 Zone Remote Control
CTR573   RGB/RGBW Bluetooth Controller
CTR568   RGBW 6 Zone Remote Kit
CON444   RGBW 90 Degree L Type Connector
FLX954   RGBW Flex Strip - 5M
CON448   RGBW Splice Connector
CON450   RGBW Strip to Strip Corner Connector
CTR562   RGBW Touch Screen Controller
CTR600   RGBW Zone Controller
DIM601   Rotary Dimmer- 30A
CTR220   Round Recessed Motion Sensor
EXIT600   Running Man Exit Sign
LMP1030   Salt Water Lantern
CTR510   Single Zone CCT Controller
CTR516   Single Zone CCT Remote
CTR538   Single Zone Mono Controller
CTR548   Single Zone Mono Remote
CTR610   Single Zone RGB(W) Controller
CTR608   Single Zone RGB(W) Remote Control
OLC200   Slim LED Floodlight
JB500   Slim Surface Mount LED
RB1675   Smart Bluetooth Wall Controller
RB1660   Smart LED A19 Bulb
RB1662   Smart LED BR30 Bulb
RB1630   Smart LED Security Light
OL4000   Solar Batten Light
OL3010   Solar Flood Light
OL2006   Solar Motion-Activated LED Spotlight

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