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LED Drivers

The right LED Drivers are needed to complete your LED lighting system

Led Drivers convert the input 120V AC current to safe, energy-efficient 12V DC constant voltage output to power your low voltage LED lights. They are sized by watts and are available in 15W, 30W, 50W, 60W,75W and 132W configurations. You choose the size driver needed by adding up the total of the watts used by the low voltage bulbs or flex strip needed for your project. The driver wattage should not exceed the total watts of the lights you are using. Using a driver that was designed specifically for LED lighting will help assure that you get the maximum life from your low voltage lights.

If you prefer to dim your lights from a standard 2x3 wall box we have dimmable LED magnetic transformers that will work with a low voltage magnetic dimmer. Use a dimmable driver and replace your wall switch with one of the approved LED magnetic low voltage dimmers. These are stocked in 20W, 40W, 60W and 100W.

All of our drivers are constant voltage and carry the proper certification seal showing they meet current Canadian electrical standards. If you have a special application that requires a smaller or larger driver we will be glad to special order a driver that will meet your requirements.

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