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Low Voltage MR16 LED Light Bulbs

Low voltage MR16 LED light bulbs save you energy, money & time.

Below is our inventory of direct replacement low voltage MR16 LED light bulbs. Changing over your home's lighting from hot, short life halogen lights to energy efficient LED light bulbs is easy, affordable and as simple as changing a light bulb. LED MR16 replacements will operate at 12V AC or 12V DC making them a direct replacement for hot 12V AC halogen bulbs.

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MR16 LED 7W  Bulb MR16 LED- 7W
Price: $9.95

Low Voltage MR16 LED Light Bulbs last longer.

Our low voltage MR16 LED light bulb options allow homeowners to stop using hot, halogen light bulbs in exchange for environmentally friendly and affordable LED home lighting. With a life span that stretches far longer than older light bulb technology, our low voltage MR16 LED replacement light bulbs give you an an affordable and more durable lighting option that outputs as much light as similarly rated halogen bulbs while using far less wattage.

Our Low Voltage MR16 LED Light Bulbs cut energy costs.

Using the latest LED technology, our low voltage MR16 LED replacement light bulbs consume much less wattage than the traditional halogen light bulbs you currently use and can last for years of trouble free service while costing just pennies per day to run. With energy costs only increasing, you can save on your energy bills while helping reduce your home's environmental impact.

Our low voltage LED Light Bulbs are your smart choice in Canada

Low voltage MR16 LED bulbs from LED Lights Canada conform to all Canadian electrical regulations and standards. All of our low voltage MR16 bulbs come with a 3 year replacement warranty. Our bulbs are typically available in a standard 45 degree light spread but can also be ordered in 15, 30, and 60 degree light spreads via special orders. Call us with any questions.