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Low Voltage MR11 LED Light Bulbs

Our low voltage MR11 LED light bulb replaces inefficient halogen G4 MR11 bulbs.

Listed here are our available low voltage MR11 LED light bulbs. These LED lights work with any 12V DC power source - whether it's an RV battery or solar panel for an outdoor commercial sign or cabin in the woods. Our low voltage MR11 LED light bulbs are super efficient, bright and long lasting, using a low wattage rated to last tens of thousands of hours.

Low Voltage MR11 LED flood lights last longer.

The MR11 LED light lets you stop regularly throwing away burnt out 12V halogen bulbs and puts you on the right path to more environmentally friendly lighting. Choose low voltage MR11 LED light bulbs to combine affordability, durability and parallel levels of light as similarly rated halogen bulbs for your RV, outdoor signs, cabin, etc., and you won't need to worry about being left in the dark.

Low Voltage MR11 LED Light Bulbs use less energy.

Using the latest LED technology, our MR11 LED lights pull far less wattage can last for years and years of reliable service. When used with 12 volt batteries for mobile applications such as RVs or for remote solar applications such as boat docks, cabins, outbuildings, etc, you'll find that batteries can last longer and solar panels perform better.