Why LEDs

Why make the switch to LED lights?

Most LED's have a 50,000 + hour life span. That means if you were to keep them on for 12 hours a day they would last more than 12 years. Can you say that about any other light you have ever purchased?

LED low voltage lights operate at a safe 12V or 24V DC. LED replacement bulbs contain high power LED chips that are a direct replacement for the incandescent and halogen bulbs you are currently using. (all low voltage LEDs on this site are 12V DC)

LEDs produce a minimal amount of heat and the bulbs remain cool to the touch.

LEDs can reduce your energy costs by up to 90 percent.

LEDs are made from non toxic-materials and contain no mercury.

LEDs are solid state with no filaments and are virtually unbreakable.

LEDs are the most environmentally friendly lighting product available today.

LEDs are the future of lighting and the future is here now