Meeting Canadian Standards

LED light bulbs and power supplies continue to flood into the Canadian market direct from the US and abroad. There are currently hundreds of websites promoting and selling these products. LED Lights Canada is concerned that many of the line voltage (120V) products being sold in Canada do not meet current Canadian electrical standards. Buying and using a non approved electrical product that is not specifically certified for use in Canada could put the buyer at some risk in the event of a fire. If you have a question or concern about any electrical product you want to purchase please call and speak with the safety commissioner in your province. You should only purchase a screw type (E26 base) replacement bulb or LED driver or power supply that has one of the seals listed below on the product. This means that the manufacturer has applied for and received approval from the proper Canadian authority to sell the product in Canada. This is an expensive process for the manufacturer but a necessary one to assure your safety. Many products on the web have a UL approval from the United States. This approval alone is not accepted in Canada without additional testing to meet Canadian standards. All line voltage products must have cUL, CSA or cETL approval and be labeled with one of the seals listed below. Almost all products imported to Canada will have CE approval. This is a respected European standard but it also is not recognized in Canada. Low voltage LED lights do not require these seals as they are required only for line voltage (AC) devices.

Please be very cautious when considering buying LED products on web auction sites, Amazon or direct from the manufacturer located outside of Canada. There is no legal reason they cannot sell to you in Canada as the final liability passes to the person or company who imports the non certified electrical product into our country. If you are unsure of the certification and it is not clearly listed in the product specs we suggest you pass and seek a similar product with one of the certifications listed below.

All of the products we sell meet or exceed current Canadian standards, as required.