Led Cost Savings

Energy Savings Calculator

Calculate your Monthly Savings and your R.O.I.

Easy to use, just fill in the left side with the bulb you are currently using and the specs for the LED bulb you want to replace it with.
Your energy cost is listed on your monthly hydro bill and can be different than the default of .16/kWh. If you are replacing the bulbs
yourself you can leave the labour cost black. Click the "calculate" button and everything you need will fill in on the right side.

Please note: When choosing your cost per kWH the most accurate number to use is the 'fully burdened" cost per kWh. This would
include the cost per kWh and ALL the additional line item costs the hydro companies add to your bill. Dividing the total monthly hydro
bill by the total number of kWh units used will give you the true delivered cost.

Current Bulb Wattage:
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LED Bulb Wattage:
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Hours per Day Usage:
Labor Cost for Replacement: $
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Return On Investment in Months:
New Bulb Replacement Cost: each
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Energy Cost using LED Bulb: month
Savings Based on Switching: month
Energy Savings Over the Life
of LED Bulb:
Labor Cost Savings:

Total Long Term Savings:

(total energy savings + extra labor cost + bulb replacement)