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Recessed LED Pot Lights

Convert to recessed LED pot lights to save on energy.

Listed below you will find many of our available LED pot lights and recessed LED pot light options. These commercial grade, recessed LED Pot light conversion kits have quickly become one of our most popular products with Canadian homeowners. In less than 30 seconds you can retrofit this LED pot light conversion which includes the trim, adapters and everything else required. There are no wires to cut and splice. These LED pot lights fits standardized Canadian recessed pot light housings.

In addition to the LED insert for existing pot light cans we now offer a 4 and a 6 inch LED Panel light. These 1/2 inch thick lights are approved for use without a POT light housing and are IC rated for direct contact with insulation. Being able to put light where you want it without the worry of locating the joist and compromising placement are sure to make this light worthy of serious consideration for your next lighting project.

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LED pot lights far outlast traditional pot lighting.

Stop constantly throwing away cheap incandescent light bulbs and start lighting your home more responsibly with long lasting LED replacement light bulbs. With an average life span lasting much longer than traditional light bulbs, our LED replacement light bulbs are affordable, durable and just as bright as comparable incandescent bulbs.

LED pot lights save on electricity costs.

Using the latest technology, our LED replacement light bulbs consume a fraction of the wattage that conventional incandescent light bulbs use and can last for years. With the cost of electricity rising, you can save on your utility costs while helping reduce your personal impact on the environment and precious natural resources.

LED pot lights output far less heat.

When you use traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs during summer months, you create an extra burden for your fans or air conditioning. Our LED pot light kits produce about 1/3 of the ambient radiant heat of traditional / halogen bulbs and approximately 2/3 of the heat of compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs. LED replacement light bulbs DO still get warm, but the already lower levels of heat produced are dissipated using metal heat sinks, creating lighting that lasts longer while contributing to a more efficient, less strained air conditioning or home cooling system.

Our LED Replacement Bulbs are the smart choice in Canada

If you are looking for an energy-efficient replacement for your pot lights you will not be disappointed with these inserts. Our LED pot lights come with a 3 year warranty so what do you have to lose? Our LED pot light options meet all current Canadian electrical standards and regulations.